Unicom Tranzit launches the new Intermodal Terminal in Teiuș

Unicom Tranzit launches the new Intermodal Terminal in Teiuș

The company also simultaneously completed and launched a new rail link between Teiuș and Milan.

Construction of the Teiuși intermodal terminal started in 2021. Despite the pandemic crisis and rising prices of construction materials and labor shortages, Unicom Transit completed the construction of the Teiuși terminal in the second quarter of 2022.

Along with the opening of the new terminal, Unicom Transit started operating the Teiuș-Milano rail link with a frequency of one train per week and the already operating Vadul Siret border - Constanța port rail link with a frequency of 2-3 trains per week. In addition, the company is preparing a weekly train on the Teiuș - Constanța Port route and supplementing the Teiuș - Milan connection with another weekly train.

Moreover, the company aims to develop a new railway connection Teiuș-Duisburg, which will be operational by the end of 2022.

Teiuș Terminal is one of the most important Unicom Tranzit projects in the Intermodal sector, having a strategic position in the Central area of ​​Romania, with direct access to the pan-European network (corridor IV) and the national motorway network. An advantage of the terminal is the positioning on the IV railway corridor, currently being in the process of modernization, which will increase the speed of freight trains up to 120 km / h, this will result in a fast route between Curtici and Constanța.

The official opening of the Unicom Transit Teius Terminal is on June, 15 at noon CET.

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