Nevomo unveils levitating train

Nevomo unveils levitating train
© Nevomo

It is the world's first retrofit solution for existing rail cars to enable autonomous operation without a locomotive.

Nevomo presents its groundbreaking MagRail Booster to the public for the first time at the TRAKO International Railway Fair.

The MagRail Booster, part of the MagRail product portfolio, is the world's first retrofit solution for existing railway wagons that uses electromagnetic propulsion with a linear motor, allowing each wagon to move independently without a locomotive. It is designed to enhance existing rail services, enabling traffic automation and infrastructure electrification with greater flexibility, higher frequency of service, increased capacity and improved dynamics.

© Nevomo
© Nevomo

It has been demonstrated that wagons retrofitted with MagRail Booster can run on conventional railway infrastructure. The potential speed for freight transport can reach up to 160 km/h. In an unprecedented development, these retrofitted freight wagons can operate without a locomotive, both in complete trainsets and as individual units. Remarkably, they can connect and disconnect autonomously with other wagons. The conventional train control system ensures safe and accurate operation and the wagons run smoothly.

“The launch of MagRail Booster is the next significant milestone for Nevomo and the entire rail industry. By seamlessly upgrading existing railway infrastructure, our technology ensures a transformational approach to rail transport development. With MagRail Booster, we are innovating to enable railways to easily adapt and grow faster in rapidly evolving digital age, bringing measurable benefits to infrastructure managers, operators, and their customers. At the same time, I would like to thank GATX Rail Europe for its commitment to the development and testing of our technology, without which today's success would not have been possible,’ said Kacper Koniarski, Product Management Director & Co-Founder of Nevomo.

The company has entered into collaborations with SNCF, RFI, GATX and others to explore the potential of the MagRail Booster across their networks for both passenger and freight transport. In particular, the use of MagRail Booster could increase the capacity of the Paris commuter rail network through higher acceleration and precise deceleration of existing trainsets. The first commercial deployments of MagRail Booster technology are already planned for 2024-2025, starting with freight applications, such as in industrial plants or ports.

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