TX Logistik: more intermodal trains from Germany to Italy

TX Logistik: more intermodal trains from Germany to Italy

From 22 February, the rail logistics company, which is part of the Mercitalia Group, will increase the number of weekly round trips on the Rostock-Verona route from four to six.

The reason for the increased frequency is the growing demand for trailer transport by rail.

TX Logistik has already increased the number of trains to Italy on other routes in the first few weeks of the year. The connection between Leipzig and Sommacampagna-Sona, about ten kilometres west of Verona, has been increased from eight to ten round trips per week. Additional intermodal trains also run from Lübeck to northern Italy. Between the Baltic Rail Gate in the Hanseatic city and the Quadrante Europa terminal in Verona, TX has added an eighth round trip.

For the second Lübeck connection to the Milan metropolitan region, the number of round trips has been increased by two to four. The terminal in Segrate will be served instead of Melzo. This terminal is even closer to the Milan metropolitan area and the industrial regions of Bergamo and Brescia. It will also be able to take advantage of Mercitalia's many connections to other destinations on the Italian rail network, such as Rome, Naples and Sicily.

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