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For many years, we have been cleaning railway tanks for gas, oil and petroleum derivatives at our tanker cleaning plant in Braniewo.

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We offer cistern wagons cleaning:

The proper preparation of tanks for each product in terms of cleanliness is a guarantee of the quality of the transport.

The scope of services provided by our treatment plant:

  • Internal and external cleaning of railway tanks after gas
  • Preparation of railway (gas) tanks for inspection
  • Issuing an attestation / cleanliness certificate which contains the following information:

    Wagon cleaning date
    Date of issue of the attestation / certificate
    Wagon number to be cleaned
    List of works carried out
    Cleanliness level according to UIP guidelines
    Oxygen content

Cleaning of railway cisterns is necessary to prevent the accumulation of sediments and residues of the transported products in the tanks of these vehicles. This process is also necessary for the systematic elimination of microorganisms that could adversely affect the quality of transported products.

We clean railway cisterns according to individual customer requirements, in an ecologically protected place with its own waste management. We issue approvals / certificates of cleanliness of the cleaned cistern wagons.

We provide the following services:

  • Cleaning of railway cisterns; - removal of residual contaminants (discharge, suction, unloading)
  • Cleaning with water under pressure using a rotary head, manual cleaning
  • Collection and disposal of waste (sewage, sludge, oily water and emulsions)