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Who are we?

Established in 1998, Vertis Environmental Finance was one of the first companies in the world to be involved in carbon markets and helping companies finance emission reduction investments. Today, Vertis is a regulated entity under MiFID II that helps its business partners to understand and operate in the carbon markets, as well as to adopt a zero-emissions growth model.

Our Energy Efficiency division has a dedicated team specialized in French Energy Efficiency Certificates.

What are the French White Certificates?

  • Is a French compliance scheme launched in 2006 to finance energy efficiency projects.
  • Energy companies must subsidize energy efficiency projects to generate and obtain Energy Efficiency Certificates (EEC).
  • Such companies have a mandate of energy savings to meet per period of 3-4 years, facing a penalty if they do not meet their target.

How can the intermodal transportation industry benefit from it?

Freight intermodal transportation can implement energy efficiency projects and obtain financial benefits for the trips departing from or arriving to French terminals. There are two kinds of eligible intermodal equipment:

  • Swap body containers (with UIC certification) *
  • Wagons for rolling motorways*

Vertis can help your company to obtain financing for your intermodal equipment* in a joint effort to decarbonize the transport sector