S U B T E R R A a.s.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our construction work and the use of modern technologies as well as providing a sustainable and socially responsible approach to business. We hold a number of certificates in the areas of quality production, environmental protection, and work safety.

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We are a multi-faceted construction company with a 55-year tradition, belonging to the Metrostav Group. Our production programme includes underground, civil, building construction, transport infrastructure, including metro, building services systems, and technological units for infrastructure projects. We also construct water management structures or we are involved in the rehabilitation of brownfield land.

Our portfolio:
  • underground construction
  • building construction
  • transport infrastructure
  • building installation
  • metro

In addition to the domestic market, we operate abroad – especially in Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, and Sweden. We have established subsidiaries in Hungary and Sweden. In recent years, our contracts in the field of underground and transport projects have represented approximately one-third of our business. We focus on the high qualifications of our employees in all positions and their preparation for work abroad. We use modern machines and technologies, especially in key segments of underground and transportation structures. We hold several certificates in the field of quality, environmental protection, and safety. Every year we update the internally integrated management system. We act by legal regulations and with our own ethical codes. We behave responsibly and have long been involved in social, cultural, and sports projects.