RailRelease B.V.

Railrelease is an European freight car leasing company, specialized in renting out freight wagons. We focus on smart and flexible solutions to support the market as "railway mobility partner".

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RailRelease B.V. is an independent European rail fleet management company specialized in the short, medium and long term rental and brokerage of wagons and locomotives to achieve transport solutions. Flexible trading of spare capacity in locomotives and cars combined with customer-oriented strategic consulting has proven to be a model of success.

Our constant focus on high-quality and ultimate flexible solutions have enabled us to consistently grow from a niche to a larger market player. RailRelease is headquarted in Rotterdam, near the harbour of Rotterdam and is part of the Rail Innovators Group, with other offices in Prague.

Our fleet consists of 1500 wagons of various types. Types range from Flat wagons for transportation of all sizes containers to Bulk wagons (grain/soy) to Break Bulk wagons for the transportation of metal scrap / aluminum / paper / trees. For the majority of our wagons, RailRelease is the so called Keeper and Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM), meaning we guarantee the safe operating state of our fleet.

Our fleet:

  • Shimmns Freight (transportation of steel coils, protected with a tarpaulin cover against various weather conditions)
  • Sgnss 60ft Intermodal (this wagon is suitable for the transportation of ISO 20, 30, 40, 45 ft long containers and swap bodies)
  • Sggnss 80ft-XL Intermodal (this version provides the option to distribute the load evenly, thanks to the wagon's adjustable headstock and reinforced underframe)
  • Sggrss 80ft Intermodal (ideal for maritime 40ft containers)
  • Sggmrss 90ft Intermodal (ideal for continental 45ft containers or swap bodies)

Under the motto "Flexibility = Efficiency", RailRelease strives to create more flexibility in the rail market by enabling efficient traffic flows with flexible solutions. RailRelease aims to increase flexibility in rail freight transport and thus make rail transport more attractive. This is a solution that goes further than simply supplying a wagon or locomotive.