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As the newest member of the Rail Innovators Group, Rail Force One (RFO) opened its doors in 2016 as a railway operator. The office is based at the Group headquarters in Rotterdam.

Rail Innovators Group is a private holding company, taking a leading role within multiple disciplines of the railway industry. Our sister companies Railrelease and Raillogix are well-known actors within different market areas, such as wagon rental, railway logistics, railway asset trading and consulting. Together we develop smart concepts with unique, efficient and sustainable operating models.

Our effective measures - inside and outside the Dutch borders - help us achieve a sustainable balance between quality, punctuality, safety and cost-effectiveness. Continuous training, integrating safety procedures and learning from best practices keeps our team focused.

With the power equivalent of over 8.700 horses, our experienced drivers in their high-tech locomotives pull cargo to wherever it needs to go: manufacturing plants, distribution centres or shipping ports. Our people know how to handle block trains for bulk, liquid or containerized cargo. Shipment by rail is quick and more sustainable than air freight. Green transport is the future.


  • Locomotives: ES64F4/189, X4E-623, ES64f4s.