Piraeus Europe Asia Rail Logistics S.M.S.A.

Piraeus Europe Asia Rail Logistics S.M.S.A. (PEARL), main purpose is to provide Rail Logistics support and other freight forwarding services from/and to Piraeus and other Greek Ports.

Piraeus Europe Asia Rail Logistics S.M.S.A.


To become along with our Railway Operators/Partners in the Balkans, the main logistics & rail service provider and coordinator in South Eastern Europe by serving efficiently the global supply chains from Far East and EMEA countries to the Balkans and Central Europe through Greece.

Piraeus Europe Asia Rail Logistics S.M.S.A.


World class container, general & bulk cargo freight forwarding, terminal & port end-to-end services, by coordinating efficiently mass transit flows of global players in the market.

Value-for-money, high quality services to our customers through our highly dedicated and motivated professional workforce, facilities, technology and resources.

Added value services for the development of the port of Piraeus into the largest port in the Eastern Mediterranean and the realization of the One Belt One Road Initiative.


Forwarding Logistics Services

  • System Trains
  • End to End Services
  • Intermodal Terminals
  • First/Last Mile
  • Warehousing
  • Ocean Freight

Rail Traction Services

  • Rail Traction
  • Rolling Stock


PEARL is growing its fleet by proceeding to a long term rental plan as below:

  • Pool: More than 800 Private container-carrying wagons of 80´, 90´ (42+ train sets)
  • Types: Sggns(s), Sggrs(s), Sggmrs(s)
  • Capacity: Each trainset is capable to transport up to 80xTEUs

Locomotives: Investigating market availability

Other Services

  • Consulting
  • Track & Trace

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