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Ost-West Logistik Netzwerk (OWLN) is a group of companies offering rail transportation of cargo in Eastern and Western Europe, CIS & Baltic countries and Central Asia. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, The Group has representative offices in Vienna (Austria), Dnipro (Ukraine), Warsaw (Poland), Nicosia (Cyprus) and London (UK).

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With 20 years of successful commercial experience on the open market, OWLN manages 3 wagon keeper companies, 2 licensed rail freight operators, 3 freight forwarders, and 1 licensed wagon repairs-company. The Company is the only operator in the CIS that preserved unique knowledge base, expertise and traditions of its predecessor - the transportation department of the Ministry of Iron and Steel Industry of Ukraine established in 1967.

The business is focused primarily on large, heavy haul rail tasks such as transportation of international freight for energy generating companies, agricultural products, bulk raw materials, limestone, gravel, slabs, iron ore, etc.

Our services:
  • Transportation of goods to Black and Azov sea-ports
  • Cargo delivery through pan-European corridors with the shipment at the border
  • Arrangement of overweight of any complexity at the whole space of staging
  • Wagons maintenance; organizing and inspection of all types of maintenance of railway equipment
  • Development of Investment projects
  • Searching and tracking of wagons in CIS, Europe and Baltic countries
  • All day (twenty-four-hour) services through the iPhone and Android applications
  • East European transit arrangements
  • All day (twenty-four-hour) searching agent services

OWLN transports international freight using the fleet of 6770 units, of which 2161 are Company’s own, including goods wagons, platforms and hoppers.