InRail Slovenia

InRail Slovenia is the Slovenian branch of the Italian railway undertaking. Based in Nova Gorica, this branch was established in 2014, with regular services running since 2019.

InRail Slovenia logo

InRail is the only Italian company that carries out services in Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia. The adventure of InRail in Slovenia and Croatia started because the company was already operating two services there, via state-owned rail freight companies. With established branches in these countries, these collaborations are no longer necessary.

Moreover, the company can count on their own fleet of locomotives. The branch in Slovenia was opened in Nova Gorica in 2014, with regular services being launched in 2019. Now, InRail does not need to rely on Slovenian Railways to move the train up to the Italian border.

InRail Slovenia now operates most trains that InRail picks up at the Italian border with Slovenia with our own machinists and locomotives.