Grupa Azoty KOLTAR Sp. z o.o.

Grupa Azoty "KOLTAR" Sp. z o.o. consistently implements the goals set for it, such as: development of transport competences, increase in the value of the company, development of the scale of operation

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of cargo carried in 2021

Grupa Azoty KOLTAR Sp. z o.o. of Tarnów provides rail transport services. The key services include: licensed transport by rail, dispatching of rail freight shipments, internal transport, maintenance of freight wagons and diesel locomotives, maintenance reviews and repairs (Level 4) of freight wagons and diesel locomotives, mobile maintenance service in Poland, supervisory inspections of tank wagons used in the transport of hazardous materials (according to RID), acting as ECM for freight wagons, provision of rail siding services on the premises of Grupa Azoty in Tarnów, Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Police and Puławy. The company has experience and capabilities confirmed by numerous licenses, certificates and management systems.

  • Licensed transport by rail
  • Dispatching of rail freight shipments
  • Rental of diesel locomotives and traction teams
  • Bulk transport
  • Specialist transport for the chemical industry
  • Transport of special consignments
  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • Operation of work trains
Repairs of wagons:
  • Maintenance, emergency repairs, periodic inspections and periodic maintenance of freight wagons according to levels P1, P2, P3, P4, P5
  • Maintenance review and repairs of tanks in tank wagons for hazardous materials in class 2, 3, 4.1, 6.1, 8,9, acc. to RID/ADR
  • Maintenance of freight wagons in accordance with VPI
  • Repairs of tanks in tank wagons for non-hazardous materials (pressure higher than 0.05MPa)
  • Review and reprofiling of wheelsets
  • Repair and testing of Oerlikon relay valves, DRV-type brake shoe adjusters and DP2 weighing valves
  • Washing of tank wagons after transport of products
  • Blast cleaning
  • Painting of steel surfaces
  • Testing and repairs of bumpers, traction gear
Rental of rolling stock:
  • Tank wagons for transporting chemicals
  • Wagons for transporting bulk materials
  • Shunting locomotives
Maintenance inspections and repairs of locomotives:
  • Maintenance checks and periodic inspections of locomotives according to specific levels: P1, P2, P3 locomotives
  • Emergency repairs
  • Repairs of locomotive components
  • Cleaning of locomotives
  • Blast cleaning
  • Corrosion protection and painting of locomotives
Maintenance inspections and repairs of special vehicles:
  • Railway motor cars
Lease of:
  • Shunting and transport locomotives
  • Shunting locomotives
We perform maintenance inspections and repairs using mobile maintenance service and at the following locations:
  • Tarnów
  • Kędzierzyn-Koźle
  • Puławy
  • Police

Grupa Azoty also has rail sidings with handling facilities in Grzybów (broad-gauge track in the East-West direction)

End-to-end rail siding services:
  • Rail service station in Tarnów – licensed sales of diesel oil (Service Facility)
Shunting services on Grupa Azoty sidings:
  • Receiving and dispatching of rail freight shipments
  • Unloading and loading of rail wagons
  • Dispatching services – preparing transport documentation
  • Weighing rail freight shipments
  • Regrouping and formation of trains
  • Provision of service infrastructure facilities on sidings: Tarnów, Police, Kędzierzyn-Koźle