Captrain France SAS

A leading player on the rail-freight market and for logistics operations on industrial sites, CAPTRAIN France boasts a nationwide presence.

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Every day we transport our customer's goods in France and across Europe, managing rail logistics on their industrial sites and supporting track renewal projects.

Our rolling stock fleet:

CAPTRAIN France operates its services all over the country, using a well-balanced, reliable, and high-performance fleet of more than 150 diesel & electric locomotives and shunters adapted to the needs of our clients on the national rail network and also on private industrial spurs.

Our fleet includes locomotives from the following families:

BB 61000, BB 27000, BB 37000, BB 400, Class 77, G1206, Y8000, Euro 4000, Euro Dual and E4001.

The Captrain network:

Thus, the CAPTRAIN network offers rail transport solutions for all types of goods and provides its services to clients whatever the local, regional or international scope of their requirements, while also proving rail-related services for industrial sites and spurs along with local train services.

Together with our European colleagues, we share a set of common objectives: to make rail freight forwarding as efficient, reliable, simple, quick and accessible as possible, to support the relocation of industrial production in Europe, and to contribute to environmental protection & conservation

Locomotive maintenance:

All of this equipment is serviced by our network of 7 rail maintenance workshops which are spread across the country. Our mobile intervention teams are also permanently on call to go directly to a site in the event of a breakdown or functional issue.