MSC keeps looking for growth in the railway business

MSC keeps looking for growth in the railway business

As Italian media outlets report, the global shipping giant MSC continues its growth by acquisition strategy. Reports state that negotiations were ongoing for acquiring stakes in Italo and TX Logistik.

In June 2023, the Italian newspaper Corriere della Serra started with an article series of rumours about the continuing MSC shopping spree on European railways. Gianluigi Aponte's family controls the Swiss giant that cashed massive amounts in Covid and post-Covid years. The company plans to invest it into a more visible footstep beyond its dominance on the seas.

MSC presumably talks with FS on acquiring a 49% stake in TX Logistik, a rail freight company that recently became Germany's second largest rail carrier through acquiring Exploris (and thus HSL). Naturally, both companies do not comment on this matter. MSC is active in hinterland transportation via rail freight operator Medway, mainly in Spain and Portugal. In recent years, this has grown to Italy and further north up to Belgium, where  Medway announced the purchase of Vectron locomotives this month. The operator is supported by the logistics brand of MSC – Medlog.

But MSC is more than a container shipping company. It is also a major player in global cruises. Thus, the acquisition fever spreads to the passenger segment too. MSC also presumable talks with Global Infrastructure Fund (GIP) about acquiring a majority share in Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (Ntv), which is a high-speed passenger rail company in Italy operating under the Italo brand. GIP currently owns Italo through Gip III Global Investment.

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