PKP Cargo rethinks its strategic goals

PKP Cargo rethinks its strategic goals

According to PKP Cargo, the changes in strategy are influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and the war conflict in Ukraine.

PKP Cargo CEO Dariusz Seliga has presented a revision of the strategy of the PKP Cargo Group for the period 2019-2023. Seliga informed that the goal of the strategic group is to create the first position in the Three Seas Initiative's Region (a platform for improving connectivity between twelve EU member states, allocated between the Baltic, Adriatic, and Black Seas). It also intends to play a key role in terms of goods transported in 2023 on the New Silk Road routes within the European Union and, in this context, is investing in the purchase of new rolling stock for intermodal transport. The company also plans to increase its market share to 50% by 2027. The head of PKP Cargo announced that at the end of this year, he will present to the public the new strategy of the PKP Cargo Group for the period 2024-2028.

"It was reasonable to make changes in the strategy, therefore the COVID-19 pandemic, and then Russia's aggression against Ukraine and the ongoing war in that country are fundamentally changing the macroeconomic phenomena in which the PKP Cargo Group finds itself," commented Dariusz Seliga, adding: "We have an effect that 2023, provided that the conditions related to the economic slowdown in Europe, the energy crisis and the destabilization of the supply chain as they appear."

Key measures to help PKP Cargo achieve its software targets include high sales activity, a continuous sales process, and improved service and maintenance of freight transport. The impact of rising energy costs is also an important issue. PKP Cargo's strategy is to ensure that a significant part of its activities is focused on offsetting the increase in energy costs through improved management processes in order to maintain a competitive offer for customers. 

PKP Cargo's strategy can be expected to be influenced by the situation in Ukraine in the coming years. As a national freight carrier, the company is actively involved in the transport of goods between Poland and Ukraine. “As a Group, we have become heavily involved in handling the transport of grain, petrochemical products, vegetable oils, and other industrial products for which the previous transport routes were disrupted as a result of Russia's aggression. We believe that ultimately the PKP Cargo Group will actively participate in the process of rebuilding the Ukrainian infrastructure from war damage,” emphasized Dariusz Seliga. The war unleashed by Russia caused the behavior of the West, which implemented sanctions against Russia and Belarus. The sanctions, which were used on freight along the new Silk Road and in front of PKP Cargo, have been added to compensate for these losses.

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