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With “WILSON.” Menlo79 offers a modern and intelligent way for dispatching drivers and other operational staff by using AI algorithms and easy communication between office and operational staff.

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Founded 2019 in Berlin, Menlo79 is a young company with a dedicated team that brings a unique combination of operational experience in transport logistics and extensive expertise in digital transformation in established companies and provides a new approach to shaping the rail sector.

The company launches with its first product: WILSON. the modern, user-friendly B2B platform for live scheduling of drivers and trains based on qualifications, availability and individual driver preferences. Wilson's simplified digital approval process and the integration of AI algorithms enables rail companies to dispatch drivers efficiently, solve the problem of low driver productivity and to increase employee satisfaction.


WILSON. is a digital assistant for intelligent live scheduling of driving staff, based on qualifications, availability and employee preferences. The combination of a portal solution for dispatchers and our app allows swift and easy communication between office based and operational staff.

Master data and preparation
  • Service- and Shift Management
  • Tariffs and labour agreements
  • Qualification management
  • Availabilities and vacation management
  • Vehicles
Live Operations
  • AI supported shift planning and dispatching
  • Live tracking of shift and working time
  • Operations Board for dispatchers
  • Easy communication focused on operational tasks
Time Management
  • Work- and over time management
  • Payroll Integration
  • Service billing, we help you invoicing your services (e.g. settlement of employee leasing?)

Offering WILSON as a Software-as-a-Service product and focusing transforming our customers dispatching processes on during introduction phase we pay respect to the specific situation of all stakeholders in the rail sector.


Menlo79 offers its digital expertise to other companies to assist with digital strategy, product design, software development, transformation and overall product management.

  • Digital strategy
  • Digital design
  • Digital transformation
  • Software development