Bavaria modernizes rail network in ports

Marketa Horpeniakova, Published on 03/03/2023
Bavaria modernizes rail network in ports

The Zweckverband Häfen im Landkreis Kelheim will receive a grant of approximately €360,000 for the rehabilitation of a railway overpass on the main access line of its port railway.

The Bavarian Ministry of Transport is supporting the reactivation and renewal of the tracks in the port of Kelheim. The Zweckverband Häfen im Landkreis Kelheim will receive around €360,000 for the rehabilitation of the harbor railway overpass. In addition, KM Süd Invest GmbH will receive EUR 2 million for the reactivation of several freight tracks.

"Our ports are crucial for sustainable freight transport chains," said Bavarian Transport Minister Christian Bernreite, adding: "In this context, the port railway provides a link between environmentally friendly modes of transport - water and rail. I'm pleased that rail transport is getting a further boost with the help of our state funding".

The expected total cost of the rehabilitation of the railway overpass in the port of Kelheim is approximately €450,000. The port is also important because it has recently become an integral part of the new technology transfer center for the "Green Hydrogen on the Blue Danube" project. Thanks to a grant of two million euros to KM Süd Invest GmbH, the Free State is pushing for the tracks of the former Süd-Chemie-Werksbahn to be reinstated and subsequently integrated into the Kelheim port railway. The total cost of this measure is approximately €2.7 million.

Funding for the investment comes from the Bavarian Corona investment program, which aims to maintain and reactivate railway infrastructure not owned by the federal states. "It is an important interest of the Free State of Bavaria that rail infrastructure outside the federally owned rail network is also maintained and operated efficiently. That is why we have launched a special program that will run until the end of 2023,” said Minister Bernreiter. "In Lower Bavaria, we are funding eleven individual projects, meaning that more than a third of the €35 million available will go to this district.”



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