GGT and Stimio cooperate on predictive maintenance of railway gearboxes

GGT and Stimio cooperate on predictive maintenance of railway gearboxes

The new GGT-GearSaver® sensor, gearboxes’ service life and operating costs could be optimized.

GGT GMEINDER GETRIEBETECHNIK GmbH is the manufacturer of the GGT-GearSaver® sensor, which monitors the oil conditions and all critical operating data from the gearbox. Specifically, this sensor can monitor metal abrasion, temperature, oil quality, relative humidity, and oil level - helping to determine the time until the next oil change. The advantage is that the GGT-GearSaver® can be mounted to almost any gearbox from any manufacturer.

The GMEINDER team has partnered with Stimio, a company with expertise in digitalization, and in their collaboration, the GGT-GearSaver® sensor has added connectivity that allows the collected data to be sent securely and reliably to the cloud.

“We found with Stimio the perfect partner to integrate our GGT-GearSaver® system. By combining our sensor technology with Stimio’s hardware and digital expertise, we bring value to our customers and help them to lower the total cost of ownership for railway gearboxes,“ said Wolfgang Fischer, CEO of GGT GMEINDER GETRIEBETECHNIK GmbH.

Transmit data from up to 8 GGT-GearSaver® sensors will be collected and transmitted via Stimio's Railnet system. This IoT gateway, certified for railways, has already been deployed within Stimio’s historical customer SNCF. The collected data will be processed by GGT experts and made available to its customers via Oxygen, Stimio's Cloud Platform, providing them with insights, maintenance recommendations, and prescriptive measures.

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