Minister Kupka presented the priorities of the Czech EU Presidency in the field of transportation

Minister Kupka presented the priorities of the Czech EU Presidency in the field of transportation

Better connection and development of the European transport network, promotion of high-speed rail lines, and clean mobility. These are some of the issues of the upcoming Czech Presidency of the EU Council in transportation. The Czech Republic will also focus on autonomous transport and support of space activities.

"The priorities of our Presidency are the interconnectivity of transport networks in Europe and the adjustment of the applicable scope of the TEN-T fast connection system. Both should enable better connections for everyone. For the Czech Republic, this will mean an opportunity to build not only high-speed rail lines but also to further modernize the entire transportation network. Our Presidency is a great opportunity and prestige for the Czech Republic and we want our country to be clear at the end of the Presidency about how transport will change in the coming years not only in the Czech Republic but also in Europe," says Transport Minister Martin Kupka on the priorities of the Czech Presidency. 

One of the key topics of the Czech Presidency will be the reduction of emissions and the promotion of environmentally friendly transport and safe and smart mobility. This can also reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and boost competitiveness, which are other important areas the Czech Presidency will be addressing. A discussion on the revision of the TEN-T policy as a way to ensure better transport connectivity in the EU will be among the priorities. In this area, the Czech Republic wants to focus in particular on the development of high-speed rail lines. Better connectivity of transportation networks is also important for the renewal of Ukraine's infrastructure.

Safe and smart mobility, autonomous transport as well as the promotion of research and innovation in this field will also be a topic. Road safety will also be addressed. This is also important for the Czech Republic and will therefore be reflected in accompanying events related to urban mobility.

Regarding space activities, the Czech Republic's main priority will be to continue discussing the proposal for a regulation on so-called "secure connectivity". The target is to build a space infrastructure of many hundreds of satellites that will provide safe, reliable, and affordable autonomous connectivity for EU users. The system shall provide services for government purposes and broadband data connection to the internet that can be offered commercially by European telecommunications operators to end customers. 

The Presidency will also focus on the use of data from EU satellite systems and on strengthening European cooperation in space activities. 

Several events will take place during the Czech Presidency. These will include for example an informal meeting of the Transport Council in Prague, Urban Mobility Days in Brno, and European Space Week, focusing on current and future trends in the European space program.
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