Aleksandra Röhricht: looking for a very particular smart tool for transport of yellow phosphor

Aleksandra Röhricht: looking for a very particular smart tool for transport of yellow phosphor

Managing Director at FORWARDIS and her point of view about SMART ASSETS brings another statement of European top rail managers who were interviewed during the RAILTALKS talkshow held in Berlin by our newsroom. Aleksandra Röhricht, managing director at FORWARDIS explained to us that she was looking for a very particular smart tool equipment for their special transports.

"We have business with the transport of yellow phosphor in containers from Kazachstan to Europe and we want to equip all containers with special equipment to measure the level of water in these containers, where one up to two tons of water to cover the product as protection," says Aleksandra and continues that this kind of transport is quite dangerous.

"If there is no water the yellow phosphor would start to burn in contact with oxygen. So it’s very important to have the water there," she explains their need for the smart tool. "But now, during summertime, there is a risk that the level of water goes too low and that‘s why we want to measure this and we want to make sure that level of water doesn’t drop too much," she concludes the interview.

Aleksandra has started to work at Ermefret GmbH (previous name of FORWARDIS GmbH) as a project manager, and later she has been promoted to become a Managing Director. Nowadays at FORWARDIS GmbH as a Managing Director, she is mainly responsible for the Sales, Operations, Marketing, and HSS departments.

FORWARDIS combines rail freight with other transport modes (waterways, road, sea), to design the most effective solutions tailored to its customers’ requirements and track their logistics, end-to-end. FORWARDIS focuses its activity on bulk and industrial products, offering dedicated or shared solutions to its clients’ needs.

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