Miroslav Obrenovic: We want to know all about the condition of our wagons

Miroslav Obrenovic: We want to know all about the condition of our wagons
Dr. Miroslav Obrenovic, Head of Digitalisation Maintenance, Deutsche Bahn; Katrin Höhne, Head of Marketing, Menlo79

Head of Digitalisation Maintenance of Deutsche Bahn and his point of view about SMART ASSETS

RAILTALKS talkshow in Berlin welcomed Head of Digitalisation Maintenance of Deutsche Bahn. Being interviewed by RAILMARKET.com Miroslav Obrenovic declared that for DB the smart assets are for instance an important enabler to improve all maintenance processes.

"We want to know about the condition of all wagons and all trains - that’s why they have to be as intelligent as possible, so they can send all information that we can use in the maintenance process. That means which train at which time has to be maintained and then to improve the process in the workflow, from end-to-end - to optimize the process at the end in our workshops," he explained their position within smart assets development.

In ten years he can see that all their vehicles at DB will be able to send information about their conditions, for sure. "We will have all needed information about wagon condition base for maintenance and we will have an end-to-end linked process between operations and maintenance in the workshop," Obrenovic concluded his thinking about this technological topic.

Milan Obrenovic has worked in Deutsche Bahn for 14 years. In the beginning, he was dealing with ETCS strategy by DB Netz, later he worked in DB Cargo as Head of Technical Strategy and for the last 5 years, his field is digital maintenance by Deutsche Bahn AG.

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