GATX Rail Europe: Grain wagons delivered to Global Rail Solution SRL

GATX Rail Europe: Grain wagons delivered to Global Rail Solution SRL
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GATX Rail Europe's South East Europe team has completed the delivery of 78 Tagnpps 95m3 grain wagons to Global Rail Solution SRL.

Global Rail Solution SRL, based in Romania, is a logistics provider and railway company specialising in grain transport by rail, with a network in Eastern and Central Europe to keep grain moving across the continent. The wagons were handed over in Caracal. 

Romeo Dragoi, Managing Director of Global Rail Solution SRL, and his partner Valetin Grosu explain the reasons for this deal:

"One of our main priorities in this period is the renewal of our wagon fleet. We have an additional responsibility due to our GMP+B4 transport certification, which obliges us to ensure high quality transport services. It is important for us to avoid having to remove wagons from entire trains for technical reasons and to ensure that the entire consignment of goods reaches its destination without delays or problems. Our cooperation with GATX Rail Europe has been crucial in this respect," says Mr Dragoi.

Biljana Tejic, Sales Manager at GATX Rail Europe, added: "We welcome Global Rail Solution SRL as a new customer and are pleased to have found a new partner who is highly invested in the European grain market, as we had hoped when we anticipated the increased demand for wagons dedicated to grain transport. This new partnership is a great match at the right time and an important step towards greener food transport in Europe, strengthening the European grain route".

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