From Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 50 minutes

Karel Novak, Published on 05/03/2022
From Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 50 minutes

Sheikhs from both cities lay the last piece of the new railway. The new line includes 29 bridges, 60 level crossings and 137 drainage channels.

During construction, workers excavated, or used for backfilling, over 46 million cubic metres of soil and other materials. There were 13,300 workers on site, working over 47 million hours.

The railway, which is 256km long, will play a key role in the development of the UAE's national rail network, facilitating the transport of goods within the UAE and reducing transport costs.

The completion of the main railway line between Abu Dhabi and Dubai is part of the "UAE Rail Programme", launched under the so-called Projects 50, with an investment of AED 50 billion (€12.5 billion). The UAE rail programme includes a national network of rail projects to link seven emirates. The programme is expected to create economic opportunities of AED 200 billion (€50 billion).

The date of the first passenger train has not been announced yet.



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