Germany: New Vectron hybrid locomotives from Siemens

Germany: New Vectron hybrid locomotives from Siemens

The new locomotives will increase rail productivity and help reduce CO2 emissions.

Alpha Trains has handed over the first of three Vectron Dual Mode locomotives to Dortmunder Eisenbahn, part of the Captrain Deutschland group. The other two locomotives will be delivered early next year. Thanks to their dual drive, the mainline dual-power locomotives can be used on electrified and non-electrified lines. By using modern rolling stock, Captrain increases rail productivity and continuously reduces CO2 emissions.

The new dual-mode locomotive will commute five times a week between Mühlheim an der Ruhr and Brake (Unterweser) near Bremen to transport large pipes from the Europipe's plant to the inland port in Lower Saxony. The four-axle vehicles, which are just under 20 meters long and have a maximum traction power at the wheel rim of 2,400 kW in e-mode and 2,000 kW in diesel mode, can reach a top speed of up to 160 km/h. On electrified lines, they can be operated at a contact wire voltage of 15 kV. Their maximum starting tractive effort is 300 kN.

"With the first dual-power locomotive at Dortmunder Eisenbahn, Captrain is strengthening its position as a reliable logistics partner for industrial customers in the Ruhr region who want to make their supply chain even more flexible and lower in emissions," said Jan Läzer, Managing Director of Dortmunder Eisenbahn.

The Captrain Deutschland Group aims to contribute to an environmentally friendly and sustainable mode of transport. It currently has a fleet of more than 200 locomotives. As of December 2022, Captrain Deutschland operates thirteen dual-power locomotives and is continuously expanding its portfolio. Eight more Stadler Eurodual and Siemens Vectron dual-mode locomotives will be added in 2023.

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