Deutsche Bahn chooses Talgo to design the German train of the future

Karel Novak, Published on 21/09/2022
Deutsche Bahn chooses Talgo to design the German train of the future

Talgo will reinforce Deutsche Bahn's fleet with its new ICE L in the second half of 2024.

The new Talgo trains will operate at a maximum commercial speed of 230km/h and will reinforce Deutsche Bahn's fleet in the second half of 2024.

Micheal Peterson, CEO of Deutsche Bahn’s for long-distance passenger transport and member of the board of directors, explained: “Level access on the ICE L sets standards that we from now on want to pursue in vehicle concepts of the future in long-distance transportation. We are making rail travel even more inclusive and comfortable. In addition to level access, our customers will also experience the new ICE interior design on the ICE L. A living room atmosphere on rails is only possible when traveling with Deutsche Bahn.”

The ICE L will be international and interoperable trains. They are planned to operate domestic routes in Germany, as well as connect Germany with the Netherlands, Austria, and the Swiss border. Among others, they will run on the international route between Berlin and Amsterdam, substantially reducing the current travel time between the two cities.

Gonzalo Urquijo Fernández de Araoz, CEO of Talgo, said: “We stand before new generation trains that will strengthen Deutsche Bahn's offering and that are part of a completely new standard set by the most challenging customer in the global rail market. A new model of passenger service will be inaugurated with the new ICE L and is set to become a benchmark in the dynamic European market.”

Deutsche Bahn formalized the first order for 23 composition trains (1 locomotive + 17 passenger cars) worth €550 million in 2019. This order is part of a framework agreement for up to 100 units. Talgo was awarded the contract after submitting the most attractive bid in a Europe-wide tender, prevailing, among others, against the national manufacturer Siemens.

Regarding the technical characteristics, the ICE L trains will consist of a multi-system locomotive (compatible with different power supply voltages and different signaling systems) and 17 passenger cars, a number that can subsequently be adapted to demand, thanks to the versatility of the train. In addition to being used with the Talgo locomotive, these trains will be compatible with other locomotives, both electric and diesel, guaranteeing the train's interoperability on the stipulated routes.

They will have a capacity of a total of 562 seats, of which 85 seats are first class, and 477 seats are second class.

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