ČD Cargo dispatched first train with corn from Ukraine

Karel Novak, Published on 24/05/2022
ČD Cargo dispatched first train with corn from Ukraine

The shipment followed humanitarian aid and military equipment in the opposite direction.

The train with corn went from Ukraine to the German port of Brake. From there, the shipment continued by ship to Egypt.

"The train carried about 1,800 tonnes of corn, which was loaded into the Uagps standard gauge wagons at the TKD transshipment depot in Dobrá near Čierna nad Tisou,” explains the chairman of the ČD Cargo Board of Directors, Tomáš Tóth.

ČD Cargo is also intensively discussing other transport options. Since the company is licensed for the operation of trains in all neighboring countries and has also experience in providing rail-water transport.

According to experts, Russia is blocking about 22 million tonnes of grain in Ukrainian ports. The United States is therefore considering reducing Belarusian sanctions to allow the grain to be shipped out of Ukraine via Belarus. The German minister for economic cooperation and development Svenja Schulze declared that the world could face the biggest starvation since WW II.

A couple of hours ago The Times has written that the UK is considering sending warships to the Black Sea and to establish for grain ships a “protective corridor” from Odesa through the Bosphorus.



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