Logistics Intermodal Center of La Rioja to start rail connection with the port of Bilbao

Logistics Intermodal Center of La Rioja to start rail connection with the port of Bilbao

The new route should provide opportunities for the economic fabric of La Rioja, for the further development of intermodal transport in the region, and for offering alternatives to road transport.

The Logistics Intermodal Center of La Rioja will begin its rail connection with the port of Bilbao in May, according to an announcement made by the President of the Government of La Rioja, Concha Andreu. The center, which was created through a public-private investment project between the government and Royo Operador Logístico, is seen as strategically and competitively important. 

The rail connection is expected to include two weekly freight trains that will connect with the northern zone of Europe via the port of Bilbao. The center already has two weekly trains traveling to the port of Barcelona, which is the main exit point to the Mediterranean, Asia, and America.


The Logistics Intermodal Center of La Rioja is a 15.15 million euro investment project with the government contributing 3.65 million euros and the company contributing 11.5 million euros. “It is a great opportunity for all the companies that already take advantage of the storage, logistics, and transport possibilities offered by this Center, as well as for the rest of the Riojan business fabric and neighboring communities, who may be interested in new destinations or new options for exporting their products or importing their raw materials,” said Concha Andreu.

Abel Royo, Director-General of Royo Operador Logístico, noted that the construction of a new container depot and a second parallel track to the initial one is nearing completion and that the government's investment has accelerated the construction process. This will double the center's capacity for trains and cargo and unloading at the terminal.

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