Metrans to launch new connections from Budapest: Port of Rijeka and Belgrade

Metrans to launch new connections from Budapest: Port of Rijeka and Belgrade

Leading intermodal operator in Central and Eastern Europe will launch direct regular trains connecting the port of Rijeka and its recently acquired Indija terminal near Belgrade with its hub terminal in Budapest.

Starting 1 June 2023, Metrans will launch two new routes from its Budapest Csepel terminal. One of them will connect this hub terminal with the port of Rijeka. The second will operate to a terminal in Indija, lying on the northern side of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

The operator announced its focus on south-eastern Europe earlier this year. It plans to build a new HUB terminal in Hungarian Zalaegerzeg and one more terminal in the south of Hungary at the border of Serbia and Romania in Szeget. After adding new connections to North Sea ports, Metrans also launched new direct lines from its terminals to Istanbul at the Black Sea and Gdansk at the Baltic Sea, building a strong network of connections in the area of three seas.

Metrans’ mode of operation is based on the hub-and-spoke model, where seaports are connected with hub terminals that serve as distribution centres. From these hubs, satellite terminals are served, enabling fast transloading and distribution of containers both on import and export.

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