Transfesa Logistics: new brake blocks on wagons for reducing the noise pollution

Transfesa Logistics: new brake blocks on wagons for reducing the noise pollution

Through the project, in 2024, noise reduction systems will be installed on the company's 606 wagons, destined for rail traffic in Spain.

Transfesa Logistics is working to minimize noise pollution levels by reducing the noise impact of brakes, one of the noisiest elements of the railway. The company has announced plans to install low-noise brake blocks on its wagons running on the Iberian Peninsula through the European Next Generation EU Funds. The initiative aims to equip the company's 606 wagons operating on national and peninsular routes with noise reduction systems.

The project is in line with the environmental commitment of the Transfesa Logistics Group and is part of the government's Next Generation Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan, which is being financed by the European Union. The company's total fleet of 2,662 wagons will be fitted with low-noise brake blocks, with the international wagons already equipped with the system.

As part of this project, the remaining 606 wagons used on the peninsula will be fitted with noise reduction systems in 2024. This will enable the company to achieve its objective of adapting its entire fleet, thereby significantly reducing the noise pollution caused by its traffic and wagons.

The project, which is being financed by the European Union's NextGenerationEU program, will subsidize the installation of 163,152.64 euros. The aid is in line with the support for sustainable transport, which aims to increase the presence of the railway as the most environmentally friendly means of freight transport.

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