RCG: Improved transport solutions for maritime goods traffic between Austria and Italy

RCG: Improved transport solutions for maritime goods traffic between Austria and Italy
@RCG/David Payr

Two new connections between Austria and Italy allow faster turnaround times for full container shipments and offer efficient connections in RCG's intermodal network.

ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) has launched new transport solutions for maritime freight traffic between Austria and Italy on its comprehensive TransNET network. The port of Trieste is a major seaport in the upper Adriatic and plays a key role in transport to and from the Far East, making it an important hub for European freight traffic.

RCG has been operating regular services between Trieste and Austrian terminals in both directions for years. Now, a triangular connection has been converted into two direct trains, allowing RCG to cater to the high volume of customers at the Vienna South and Linz Stadthafen terminals and facilitate the handling of transports. 

RCG currently transports goods across the Eurasian continent using approximately 60 TransFER connections, more than 700 TransFER combinations, and many customizable routes. The transport units vary from entire wagonloads and intermodal transport through to complete customizable solutions. The two new connections, TransFER Vienna-Trieste and TransFER Linz-Trieste, run two round trips each week between Austria and the Adriatic port. They provide faster turnaround times for Full Container Loads (FCLs) and offer efficient connections on RCG's intermodal network.

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