Hungary: Road transport has regained its strength, rail and water declined a bit

Hungary: Road transport has regained its strength, rail and water declined a bit

Domestic intermodal traffic in Hungary grew by more that 13 % last year, and a dynamic growth is to be expected in the coming years as well.

These are the results of a survey conducted by the Association of Hungarian Logistics Service Centers (MLSZKSZ). According to the analysis, the Corona-19 pandemic had a substantial impact on goods transport, however, road transport recovered and picked up after a significant decline in 2020. According to its press release, MLSZKSZ expects that eastbound goods transports will slow down and get more expensive as a result of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Global logistics left behind an intense and action-packed year, several developments accumulated, then triggered or accelerated significant changes. The impact of the Corona-19 pandemic was still critical in 2021. The sudden surge in demand and the need for overstocking resulted in confusion all along the supply chain. Freight rates remained soaring as a result of insufficient vessel transport capacities as well as scarce loading capacities in the ports. The emerging problems after Brexit could not be resolved either. The increasing shortage of drivers further aggravated the situation.

The total volume of domestic freight transport – road, rail, water – (277 million tonnes) increased by 11.8 % and its performance (54.4 billion tonne-kilometres) grew by 3 % compared to year 2020.  In domestic traffic the growth in volume increased by 15.6 % and the tonne-kilometres output grew by 13.4 %, whereas in the international field the volume increased by 2 % and the tonne-kilometres output grew by 5 %. The increase is mainly due to road transport, which after a significant decline in 2020 increased last year, and reached the highest level in years.

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