KTZ: Operational freight turnover up 6.1%

Karel Novak, Published on 16/03/2023
KTZ: Operational freight turnover up 6.1%

About 40 million tonnes of cargo were transported through KTZ's network in the first two months of 2023. Of this, 25.3 million tonnes were loaded for Kazakhstani consumers and 14.6 million tonnes for export.

The total volume of coal loading was about 19 million tonnes, of which 13.5 million tonnes were delivered by rail within the republic and 5.4 million tonnes of solid fuel for export.

About 2 million tonnes of grain were transported in January-February, 16% more than in the same period last year. Domestic grain loading increased by 32.5% to 400,000 tonnes. 1.6 million tonnes were loaded for export, up 13% year on year. Loading of milling products increased by 31% to 600,000 tonnes. Over 450 thousand tonnes were loaded for export, an increase of 55%.

Loading of construction products increased by 31% (1.6 million tonnes), oil products by 7.5% (3 million tonnes) and chemical fertilizers by 6.6% (over 700 thousand tonnes) over the previous year.

Exports of construction materials increased by 68%, non-ferrous ores by 6% and oil by 7%. Domestic transport of oil products increased by 7.7%, chemical fertilisers by 9.8% and construction products by 30%.

Since the beginning of the year, operational freight turnover increased by 6.1% year-on-year to 43 billion net tonnes in January-February 2022.



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