CER: European railway companies continue to support Ukraine

Marketa Horpeniakova, Published on 03/02/2023
CER: European railway companies continue to support Ukraine
@Igor2008 on Pixabay

CER members are bringing container trains with humanitarian aid to war-affected areas. Support is also being provided in the form of regular train services for refugees from Ukraine.

Members of the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) continue to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine. Since March, CER members have been sending container trains loaded with food, drinking water, generators, first aid kits, and power banks to the war-affected areas. The goods are delivered via Krakow directly to terminals near Kyiv.

As part of the cooperation between PKP Intercity and the Polish Ministry of Health, PKP Intercity has also prepared a special medical train, consisting of 10 wagons, some of which have been adapted as sanitary facilities for the injured (with medical equipment and field beds), while others have been stocked with essential products, including dry food and blankets for refugees.

Railway companies are also providing assistance to refugees. The busiest crossing point for refugees is Poland, where regular train services to Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Zaporozhye, and Odessa are maintained in cooperation with Ukrainian Railways.

Many companies are offering free tickets to Ukrainian refugees traveling through their territory, and short-term rest and reception areas inside or outside railway stations are still available to receive refugees. In a survey of CER members, 85% of respondents confirmed that they are still providing free tickets to refugees fleeing Ukraine. Almost half want to provide free tickets to Ukrainians on their return to their country.



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