LDZ CARGO has launched a new cargo service in Estonia

Marketa Horpeniakova, Published on 17/01/2023
LDZ CARGO has launched a new cargo service in Estonia
@ldz.lv, Toms Kalnitis

LDZ CARGO has received the European single safety certificate for transport in Estonia. The service is dedicated to transporting cooking oils for a US customer.

LDZ CARGO, a subsidiary of SJSC Latvijas dzelzcels (LDz), has received the European unified safety certificate for transport in Estonia. The first cargo transport in Estonia started last week.

"In recent years, LDz has made significant changes, both by optimizing the company's technological and internal processes, and at the same time making every effort to increase cargo volumes, diversify cargo segments, and, of course, start operations in new target markets," commented Māris Kleinbergs, chairman of the board of SJSC "Latvijas dzelzceľš”.

After obtaining all necessary permits, LDZ CARGO signed an agreement with Estonian Railways on the use of the infrastructure. As locomotive drivers are required to speak Estonian in Estonia, LDZ CARGO has entered into a cooperation agreement with Estonian railway operator GoRail, which ensures the availability of its drivers for LDZ CARGO's needs.

"The first connected customer in Estonia is a US company whose cargo is cooking oils. We have planned to transport around 200,000 tons this year, but that is exactly for this particular customer. LDz Cargo is actively seeking new customers. There are also several carriers in Estonia, of course, but we see that we also have the opportunity to strengthen our positions here,” said Agnese Līcīte, representative of Latvijas Dzelzceļš.

As LDZ CARGO is currently in intensive negotiations with several other potential customers in Estonia, it is expected that the volume of additional cargo transported in this region will increase shortly.



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