Chief of Czech Railways has resigned. First woman in the company's history on the board of directors

Chief of Czech Railways has resigned. First woman in the company's history on the board of directors

Ivan Bednárik has been the head of the national carrier since December 2020. Before that, he was the head of ČD Cargo.

In the next few days, the new Supervisory Board of ČD will announce a selection procedure for the position of chairman of the board of the state-owned joint-stock company. The reason for this is the decision of the current CEO of ČD, Ivan Bednárik, to resign from his position. The current vice-chairman Václav Nebeský and member Petr Pavelec are also leaving the board of directors of ČD, both of whom have also resigned from their positions.

"The selection process must result in a strong manager who will stabilise the management of ČD. At the same time, his task will be to deal with property relations, to set up a more efficient management structure for the entire ČD Group. The quality of services provided by the national carrier is also to be improved. Passengers must see new and clean trains. I would like to thank the current Director General Bednárik for getting the gradual renewal of the rolling stock off to a good start in this respect," says Transport Minister Martin Kupka.

The selection procedure for the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of the joint stock company České dráhy follows the decision of the current CEO Ivan Bednárik, who himself resigned from this position on 28 February 2022.

"Throughout my career to date, I have always acted professionally and respected shareholders and colleagues. Every manager knows his or her duties and rights. And today I have decided to exercise my right to resign. I have explained my reasons in detail to the Supervisory Board, which has accepted my resignation. Any further speculation about my departure will harm ČD, whose interests have always been and are my priority. I would like to thank the entire ČD Group for seven and a half years of life experience," says Ivan Bednárik, outgoing Chairman of the ČD Board of Directors.

The new Supervisory Board of ČD elected economist Miroslav Zámečník as its chairman. After its first meeting, it also discussed, in addition to Ivan Bednárik's resignation, the resignation of Václav Nebeský, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Petr Pavelec, a member of the Board of Directors, who resigned as of 15 February 2022. The Supervisory Board also appointed Blanka Havelková, the current Chairman of the Board of Directors of the subsidiary DVI, as a new member of the Board of Directors, effective 16 February 2022.

"Blanka Havelková has been working for the ČD Group for a long time and has extensive experience in managing the HR agenda, which is absolutely crucial for the company, especially in the current situation," says Miroslav Zámečník, chairman of the Supervisory Board of ČD, who was elected today, adding: "I have known Mr. Bednárik for a very long time, having met him regularly during his successful tenure at ČD Cargo as part of the Audit Committee of this subsidiary. I understand his reasons, but we will continue to work together until the end of his tenure. Today, the Supervisory Board thanked him and the two other outgoing members of the Management Board for their work for the ČD Group. Our task now is to find a new, strong chairman through a selection procedure. In the meantime, the Board of Management will be led by its Vice-Chairman Michal Kraus and the Supervisory Board is ready to work together to stabilise the company."

The Supervisory Board today also entrusted the newly elected Deputy Chairman Michal Kraus with the management of the company from 1 March 2022 until the end of the selection process and the appointment of a new CEO and Chairman of the Management Board.

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