Price increases of up to 40% are expected for the largest Czech freight carrier

Karel Novak, Published on 11/11/2022
Price increases of up to 40% are expected for the largest Czech freight carrier

This is the result of unofficial information that was presented during the 18th annual ČD Cargo business conference.

ČD Cargo is ready to invest CZK 3 to 5 billion per year (EUR 120 to 200 million) until 2030. However, according to its management, this is not sustainable in the long term with the current margin and cost of investments. Therefore, the company will proceed, according to their statement, to catch up on costs in the coming years and not to increase the margin.

"We all know that we are not facing an easy period," says Tomáš Tóth, CEO of ČD Cargo, and continues, "We secretly hope that it will not be so bad, but it is still necessary to be honest. We want to make up for some of our 'illegibility' in business this year and give confidence for the turbulent period ahead."

The conference also heard about the global influences that have had the biggest impact on ČD Cargo's operations this year:

  • war conflict in Ukraine
  • extensive closures not only in the Czech Republic but also on important border lines, especially to Germany and Poland
  • congested seaports
  • strike by employees in North German ports
  • blockade of the port of Hamburg by climate activists
  • changes in the combined transport market
  • enormous growth in almost all cost inputs

ČD Cargo also wants to double the number of its own interoperable locomotives by 2025. And by the end of 2024, it will increase the number of retrofitted locomotives with ETCS from the current 160 (the most in the Czech Republic) to at least 260 locomotives.



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