Wabtec and Akiem sign service contract to maximize locomotive availability in Germany and France

Wabtec and Akiem sign service contract to maximize locomotive availability in Germany and France

Wabtec will maintain critical equipment for locomotive fleets in Europe for five years.

The service contract will increase the safety, reliability, and availability of rolling stock for Akiem's customers. In this key equipment maintenance partnership, Wabtec works directly with Akiem, the owner of the rolling stock.

The five-year contract covers brake components, pantographs, and HVAC for Akiem's PRIMA and TRAXX fleets in France and Germany and is designed to help maximize asset availability for the operator's customers. The companies will also work together to develop innovative services, including additive manufacturing, remote diagnostics, and more sustainable refrigerants to optimize efficiency and environmental performance.

“Akiem’s key role in this value chain means it fully measures the value of robust and reliable equipment. We share their commitment to maximize train safety and reliability and are looking forward to supporting this major actor in European rail to achieve its goals,” said Sameer Gaur, President of Wabtec Transit Services Group.

Both companies have links to maintenance sites in Europe, which allows for optimal monitoring of the equipment and is a key enabler in building this relationship. Another key factor is Wabtec's expertise and leadership in the products covered by the contract. These form the key building blocks for Akiem's continued support of both the overhaul of their equipment and the optimization of their customers' in-service fleets.

“We are confident this long-term partnership with the Wabtec team regarding the revisions of components will enable Akiem to secure and shorten our maintenance operations on half our current fleet, to the direct benefit of our customers,” commented Maxandre Garzino-Fréchot, Purchasing Director of Akiem and added: “Wabtec’s flexibility along with the possibility to acquire new spare parts, or even extend the scope of services will indisputably be a source of a successful partnership."

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