Nevomo and T-Systems to evaluate the use of IoT-Sensoring for the rail industry

Marketa Horpeniakova, Published on 30/09/2022
Nevomo and T-Systems to evaluate the use of IoT-Sensoring for the rail industry

IoT-Sensoring Services for MagRail and existing railways enable the measurement of track conditions and the detection of defects on the track surface at high operating speeds.

Nevomo, a European deep-tech company and developer of the innovative MagRail technology for the next generation of high-speed rail, and T-Systems, an internationally operating information technology and digital transformation service provider owned by Deutsche Telekom AG, have entered into an agreement to jointly evaluate IoT service options for the rail industry. The collaboration was concluded at the InnoTrans 2022 International Railway Fair last week.

The collaboration between Nevomo and T-Systems will cover six technical areas: Connectivity & Network, IT security, Sensors, Data Lake, API, and IoT Hub. It is based on Nevomo's current technology development activities for the IoT project which is being implemented on railway infrastructure in Warsaw, Poland.

“As T-Systems, we are already living the best-of-both-worlds: Corporate Delivery Power, with Start-up Innovation attitude. Joining forces with such an innovative rail deep tech company as Nevomo is the next step for T-Systems to become an innovation leader for public transport services,” said Wolfgang Ader, Senior Vice President for Public Transport at T-Systems.

MagRail IoT is Nevomo's predictive maintenance system that consists of monitoring devices and cutting-edge AI predictive analytics at high operational speed. It enables seamless operation, increases safety, and saves maintenance costs. T-Systems will support the ongoing tests with its know-how, additional equipment (sensors and network equipment), connectivity, security, and cloud services.

“We are extremely pleased that a company with such an impeccable reputation, trusted by customers and partners around the world as T-Systems is becoming our strategic technology partner. For us and the credibility of our technology, this is one of the best confirmations we can get from the market,” mentioned Stefan Kirch, Chief Business Development Officer at Nevomo.



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