Shocking CCTV footage: Youths risk their lives at a Yorkshire station

Karel Novak, Published on 02/09/2022
Shocking CCTV footage: Youths risk their lives at a Yorkshire station

New figures reveal that young people are involved in more than half of incidents at one Yorkshire station - 6 of the 11 incidents reported at Cross Gates station in the past year involved young people.

Shocking footage (video link here) captured at Cross Gates station in Leeds shows two teens recklessly throwing a pedal bike onto the tracks. It creates a dangerous obstruction, posing a risk to trains passing through the station.

Vicki Beadle, Operations Risk Advisor for Network Rail said:

"Not only can this dangerous behavior lead to fatal or life-changing consequences for the individual, their family, and all of those involved. But it also causes enormous amounts of delay for passengers traveling to work, social events or to see loved ones."

Over the past year, trespass, vandalism, and antisocial behavior at Cross Gates station have resulted in more than 300 minutes of train delay. That’s because when objects or people are spotted too close to the tracks, Network Rail stops or slows down all trains in the area. This can cause knock-on delays right across the network.

It can be hugely expensive for taxpayers too, with the same type of careless actions at Cross Gates station alone costing the company £20,000 in the past year.

However, according to Sgt Rob Pile from the British Transport Police consequences could be more fatal:

"Apart from the obvious danger to themselves, placing items on the tracks can potentially cause a derailment and result in serious injury and potential loss of life to passengers and rail staff."

Police also have increased patrols in the area in a bid to deter behavior like this. Those responsible should know they will be caught and face prosecution, Stg Rob Pile adds.



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