WYNX Pool s.r.o.

WYNX Pool was established in March 2019 as a subsidiary of the Dutch company WYNX B.V. as a specialist in railway repair, wagon rental and railway undertaking.

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50–60 M

Last year turnover in CZK

The WYNX Pool company was founded in march 2019 as a sister company of the dutch WYNX B.V. company for the purpose of specialization in the field of rail machinery maintenance, rail vehicle leasing and rail carrier services.

Our company now operates as a railway carrier in Czech Republic, arranges for further rail transport all over Europe, pursues rail machinery maintenance and rail vehicle modernization including authorization, owning and leasing of rail vehicles, and providing services by the ECM standards.  


We perform
  • M0 and MM overhauls for vehicles made by ČKD 
  • E0 overhauls for electric Škoda vehicles
  • Train wheel changes and boogie replacements
  • Mecanical services
  • Welding services
  • Locksmith services
We provide
  • 2 indoor tracks 42m long
  • Service and inspectional columnar pits
  • Sets of lifting jacks - 4x25t and 4x16t
  • Rail vehicle and cargo transport in CZ, SK and depot shunting
  • Procuration of all necessary equipment
Railwagons for rent
  • Fals
  • RES
  • Sgns
  • Sgs

The company business started by leasing the part of a railway depot in Česká Třebová, owned by a state. In the meantime a redevelopment of the old Kutná Hora depot building started. The depot in Kutná Hora was not used for several years and carried a lot of signs of vandalism, thefts and unauthorised use. Before the redevelopment started a lots of trees, bushes and dragged rubbish had to be removed from the compound.  

In march 2020 the lease of premises in Česká Třebová depot was terminated and the company continues to operate its business only in Kutná Hora.