SBB Cargo AG

The Heart of the Swiss Economy

SBB Cargo AG

SBB Cargo AG was founded in 2001 as a private company limited by shares and a subsidiary of SBB. In 2020, Swiss Combi AG acquired 35% of its shares.

SBB is Switzerland’s leading freight transport company, which accounts for more than a quarter of all of the country’s freight carryings. SBB Cargo AG makes up just under 16% and, as the heart of the Swiss economy, connects the major economic areas.

SBB Cargo AG

Every day, SBB Cargo AG transports around 185,000 net tonnes of goods in wagonload, block train or combined transport freight, including import and export traffic within Switzerland; this is the equivalent of around 15,000 truck journeys each day. SBB Cargo is headquartered in Olten and has 2,246 employees.


  • Locomotives: Re 482, Re 421, Re 474, Re 484, Na 843, Tm 232. 
  • Freight wagons: Ucs, Uacs, Tgpps, Tds, Tagnpps, Snps, Sins, Si(i)ns, Shimms, Shimm(n)s, Sgns, Sgns(s), Rs, Rilns, Res, Lgns, Ks-Militär, Ks, Hilrrs, Hbis-ww, Hbis, Hbils-vy, Hbils, Hbbinss, Hbbills-uy, Hbbillnss 40 Pal, Hbbillns 38 Pal, Habils B, Habbiillns, Habbins, Habbillns, Habils A, Fans-u, Fas, Fcs, Gbs, Fans-u, Fas, Fcs, Gbs, Domino, Cargo Domino, Eanos, Eaos, 
48 M Nt/yr.

Freight traffic volume

551 M CHF/yr

Freight traffic revenue

460000 t/yr.

CO2 savings

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