RFMA S.r.l.

Repair and maintenance of railway, tramway, trolleybus and underground rolling stock (excluding their engines).

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24/48 h

Intervention depart after call


Mobile workshops

RFMA Srl offers maintenance services for freight wagons, including those classified as RID.

Our activity is mainly focused on Northern Italy, where our mobile units can intervene within 24/48 h after receiving the request, so that the wagon can be release to service.

During maintenance process, our staff carries out a general check of the components of the wagon, with the aim of solving the problem and repairing the wagon in a short time respecting the needs of our customer.

Although ours is a young company founded in 2017, we do everything possible to combine traditional methods and new technologies to meet the demands of our customers.

RFMA complies with following Rules and Technical Provisions:

  • Reg.UE 779/2019
  • VPI
  • SGC in accordance with COCS of Trenitalia/Mercitalia
  • ISO 9001:2015 ISO 45001:2018

RFMA Srl implements systemic actions and is involved in the development and implementation process for customer satisfaction, for the health and safety of its operational technicians and employees, for the continuous improvement of performance and internal decision-making processes.