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Through our work, we (RTI) have gained the satisfaction and trust of clients from the petrochemical industry, ethanol production and biofuels. We have new wagons with different volume capacities.

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7 M

Tonnes of transported cargo



Our fleet consists of wagons of varying capacities. We excel in forging strong partnerships and synergies throughout Europe to ensure the utmost flexibility of our services. At RTI, our long-term goal is to continually enhance the quality, efficiency, and convenience of the solutions we offer to our clients.

Each year, we invest in hundreds of new wagons. That means we can guarantee our rolling stock is in top condition. We’re also independent so we don’t need to hire wagons from third parties.

Transported commodities:

  • Coal
  • Agricultural products
  • Container transport
  • Chemicals
  • Petrol, diesel
  • Timber
  • Automotive

It’s important to us to meet the client’s expectations and provide high quality, fast, and safe transport. The freight transport itself is just the first step towards the client’s complete satisfaction, which is why we do not overlook the second, equally important step: freight tracking and clear reporting for clients.


  • Locomotives: Series 383 (electric), Series 742 (diesel), Series 240 (electric), Series 242 (electric).
  • Freight wagons: Zaens, Zacens, Zans, Zacns, Eaos.