RAILWAY CARRIER on the Slovak & Czech Railways network. Member of Budamar group.

LOKORAIL, a.s. logo
LOKORAIL, a.s. logo

LOKORAIL, a.s. is a dynamic transport company, which was established on October 5, 2004. Its main business activity is the provision of transport services on the national railways of the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic and the operation of shunting and complete trains transport. The guarantee of providing quality services in the field of railway transport and transportation is an experienced staff base and equipment of the operation in the implementation of your requirements with new modern multi-system traction rail vehicles.

Therefore, you can be sure that you have entrusted your goods to a company with long-term experience in this field. The company LOKORAIL, a.s. holds ISO 9001: 2008 for the following products:

  • Transport of complete block trains
  • Shunting services

Maintaining and expanding the quality management system is a demanding and continuous process that commits us to continuous process improvement in the area of ​​certified products, monitoring and evaluating customer satisfaction and implementing measures based on survey results. The company also pays attention to the professional growth and safety of employees, which allows us to fully meet customer expectations.


  • Freight wagons: Eas, Fals, Zas, Zaes, Res, Regs, Sgss, Sgs.