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One of the main advantages of IDS CARGO is its extensive technical background and diverse portfolio of its own rail vehicles. Thanks to this diversity, we are able to provide efficient services for our customers.

Rail transport

We will use our own means to ensure the transport of your goods throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia, in cooperation with proven partners and throughout Europe.

Our advantage in this segment is a strong focus on all the requirements of each customer requiring a high degree of flexibility. We are able to ensure all this thanks to the operative commitment of our own professional staff and a large fleet of diverse technical facilities. Everything is supported by an above-standard information service about the entire course of transport.



Thanks to many years of experience and a number of business partners, we specialize in complex logistics solutions.

Railway sidings

We will provide professional service of your premises and operations, we will prepare a logistics project tailored to each customer.


We are able to rent any of our technical equipment for a short time according to an individual agreement.


We have a locomotive fleet of 30 traction vehicles, which are designed for both siding and operation on national and regional lines.

We own traction vehicles of the 121, 140, 242, 365, 700, 701, 702, 703, 710, 721, 730, 740, 742 and 749 series.

We rent locomotives both for construction closure work and for complete shipments in the Czech and Slovak Republics. We also rent several locomotives to siding operations, which is advantageous for clients who, for some reason, cannot or do not want to use their own traction vehicle.

We usually rent locomotives with drivers or train drivers who are properly trained and authorized

Railway cars

Based on long-term cooperation with major domestic and foreign companies, we can arrange the rental or purchase and sale of railway cars of all types.

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Markets and regions of operation

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