FORWARDIS is a rail and multimodal freight forwarder, whose mission is to be an architect of alternative logistics solutions all over Europe and beyond (Asia etc.).


FORWARDIS combines rail freight with other transport modes (waterways, road, sea), to design the most effective solutions tailored to its customers’ requirements and track their logistics, end-to-end. FORWARDIS focuses its activity on bulk and industrial products, offering dedicated or shared solutions to its clients’ needs.

As an acknowledged expert in rail freight and the supply chain, FORWARDIS designs the most effective solutions tailored to your requirements and tracks your logistics end-to-end. As part of the complete array of available solutions, rail transport is competitive and secure and delivers energy savings and high loading capacity. Combined with other transport modes (waterways, road, sea) or independently, rail freight is a specific competitive sphere that demands wide-ranging expertise and in-depth knowledge of all actors involved, to deliver optimum performance. FORWARDIS focuses its activity on three principal markets (liquid bulk, solid bulk, and industrial and manufactured products) throughout Europe, offering dedicated or shared solutions to the needs of its customers.


Thanks to its 100 employees in Europe (Paris, Berlin, and Frankfurt), our fleet of more than 3.000 rail cars and 800 containers, and our network of partners (more than sixty railway undertakings in Europe), FORWARDIS transports every year 9 million tons in Europe and beyond, with strong expertise in hazardous goods and a constant commitment in terms of quality, safety, and security.


  • RAILWAY TRANSPORT in Europe and Asia
  • ORGANIZATION OF MEANS OF TRANSPORT (wagons and containers)
  • INTERMODAL TRANSPORT (use of capacities of available terminals, regular container lines)
  • RIVER AND SEA TRANSPORT (connection with network of river and seaports)
  • ROAD TRANSPORT (all European destinations)
  • MULTIMODAL TRANSPORT (combination of various kinds of transport)
  • ADDITIONAL SERVICES (direct/indirect transshipment, storage, customs declaration services, logistics solution engineering/designing, logistics consultancy)

FORWARDIS is part of SNCF group, one of the European market leaders for goods and passengers’ transport.

175 M+ EUR


9 M

Tons Transported per Year

3000 +

Wagon fleet

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