CER Slovakia a.s.

CER Slovakia a.s. is a member of the CER Cargo Holding group, which is a leading railway company in Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic, providing first-class quality rail transport.

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CER Cargo Slovakia, a subsidiary of CER Cargo Holding, was established in 2009 with a clear goal - to strengthen the operation in Slovakia and to make the European railway transport more effective in general. As we received the permission for rail freight forwarding services, the rail carrier operation was started.

In 2012, we earned membership in “General contract for Use of Wagons-GCU”, based on the COTIF 1999 international agreement. Cargo transported in Slovakia was 167 thousand tons, as export-, import- and transit traffic by rented locomotives.

 A type 242 “Plehács” electric locomotive and a 740 “Kocur” joins CER Slovakia’s fleet. Then, in 2017, CER Cargo Slovakia got the new 740 “Kocur” locomotive. Permission for our transport services on Slovak railways has been extended to the railways in the Czech Republic.

As a member of CER Cargo Holding SE they could offer: 

Railway transport:

  • Provide competitive cargo fees
  • Fast and scheduled delivery of cargo
  • Our 24 hour operator service provides constant monitoring of travel
  • Availability of logistics centers for the transshipment 

Freight forwarding, military consignments:

  • Traditional and intermodal railway carriage with a 24 hour monitoring of travel
  • All-inclusive arrangement of the forwarding of special consignments (e.g. military consignments, consignments of dimensions in excess of the track gauge, forwarding subject to licensing)
  • Design of specific cargo jobs according to specific needs

The goal of CER comprehensive rail freight transport is to deliver the goods to the clients safely, without damage, without problems and on time.