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ER. bahn-consulting GmbH

We are your partner for personnel, training, consulting and infrastructure in the railway industry!
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We handle the provision of railway personnel, the repairs of railway wagons and the provision of ECM services, as well as railway freight transport. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction.
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Rabbit Rail s.r.o.

The company Rabbit Rail s.r.o. provides professional comprehensive services in the field of rail transport - throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics with a solid network of EU rail partners.
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Rail Wagon Services B.V.

Rail Wagon Services (RWS) is a mobile repairer of rail vehicles. Based in the port of Rotterdam, we are available 24/7 for mobile repairs, checks and support.
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The TRIANGULA Logistik GmbH is a private railway transport company with the emphasis on freight traffic and shunting services, employee transfer as well as training of operating staff for railways.
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LokoTrain, s.r.o.

LokoTrain, s.r.o, founded in 2009, is the largest provider of locomotives and professional railway personnel in the Czech Rep. It serves also as unique accredited training centre in the rail sector.
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Schlünß Eisenbahnlogistik

The Schlünß Eisenbahnlogistik company was founded in 2007 as a personnel and transsport service provider and has since been working successfully for many railway companies throughout Germany.
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MEV Nederland B.V.

We can provide you qualified and motivated personnel, we can also offer you 24/7 Process Control and mobile maintenance. We are able to be independent of your service and to relieve you completely!
MEV Nederland B.V. logo

Východočeská dráha s.r.o.

We are a railway carrier providing comprehensive rail transport services at a professional level with a friendly approach. We respond quickly, are flexible and independent.
Východočeská dráha s.r.o. logo

dispo-Tf Rail GmbH

The dispo-Tf Rail GmbH is an authorized railway transport company. As a premium staff provider, We take care of the staff needs of railway companies in the German-speaking countries.
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CARGO Master Sp. z o.o.

CARGO Master Sp. z o.o. is a provider of specialized services in the field of rail transport - human resources and training activities.
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WRS Deutschland GmbH

We get your goods moving - flexible and tailored to your needs, we transport your material from A to B. Our trained train drivers, shunters and inspectors ensure that your goods reach the destination.
WRS Deutschland GmbH logo

AGGERBAHN Eisenbahnverkehrsgesellschaft mbH

We are the provider of railway staff with a solid education as well as locomotive lessor of shunting and diesel locomotives.
AGGERBAHN Eisenbahnverkehrsgesellschaft mbH logo

Peko AG

PEKO AG, your partner for branch-independent personnel recruitment and project services in railway technology since 1981.
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ESL GmbH Eisenbahnverkehrsunternehmen

We provide long-term and reliable train drivers and wagon masters in Saxony, Thuringia and southern Brandenburg for well-known railway companies.
ESL GmbH Eisenbahnverkehrsunternehmen logo


Our list of services gives you an overview of the complexity of our services: locomotive driver, wagon master, work train driver / shunting attendant, pilotage services etc.
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RTB Cargo GmbH

RTB CARGO is active in European rail freight transport and transports goods across borders from major seaports into the heart of Europe. RTB CARGO operates in DE, AT, HU, NL and BE.
RTB Cargo GmbH logo

Cargo Service GmbH (CargoServ)

Cargo Service GmbH is a fully owned subsidiary of Logistik Service GmbH. As a private railroad transportation company, CargoServ carries out freight transports on the public railroad network.
Cargo Service GmbH (CargoServ) logo

Eisenbahndienstleister GmbH

Eisenbahndienstleistungen GmbH is your service provider for the Swiss rail industry. We offer services from training to the procurement of railway staff as well as services in the rail construction.
Eisenbahndienstleister GmbH logo

AERS Rail Services Deutschland GmbH

We are your partner for European rail freight transport and express provision of railway staff. International, with longstanding practice, particularly in France and Switzerland.
AERS Rail Services Deutschland GmbH logo

Internationale Gesellschaft für Eisenbahnverkehr – IGE GmbH&Co.KG

We connect Bavaria
Internationale Gesellschaft für Eisenbahnverkehr – IGE GmbH&Co.KG logo

Hamburger Rail Service GmbH & CO. KG

Hamburger Rail Service offers you a wide range of rail operations. We are a partner for a wide range of services in rail operations and provide qualified railway operating staff etc.
Hamburger Rail Service GmbH & CO. KG logo

C+L Consult & Logistik GmbH

We bring employees together with employers. As a personnel service provider, we support job seekers and companies and connect both sides.
C+L Consult & Logistik GmbH logo

BDK Bahndienste

BDK Bahndienste Logistik has been a successful service provider in the field of railway services and railway construction for many years.
BDK Bahndienste logo

Eisenbahnpersonal Transport & Logistik GmbH

Our company guarantees a fast and competent completion of all your orders. For this purpose, our team of highly qualified employees is at your disposal day and night - because your satisfaction is our top priority.
Eisenbahnpersonal Transport & Logistik GmbH logo

dispo-Tf Technical Service GmbH

dispo-Tf Technical Service GmbH is a Berlin railway company for the technical processing and monitoring of railway operations. It employs technical railway personnel for this purpose.
dispo-Tf Technical Service GmbH logo

CARGO SPEED International Sp. z o.o.

We have all the permissions, certificates and insurances authorizing us to conduct business that provides passenger car transport services throughout the country.
CARGO SPEED International Sp. z o.o. logo

Die Railpower Personal UG (RPP)

We can provide you a whole spectrum of railway staff in Germany and Austria. Locomotive drivers, wagon technicians, shunting companion, local operation managers etc.
Die Railpower Personal UG (RPP) logo

MEV Eisenbahn-Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH

Driving trains, checking wagons, controlling of transport - our employees are professionals in rail transport. We offer basic and advanced training for railway operating staff at a high level.
MEV Eisenbahn-Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH logo

MEV Independent Railway Services Austria GmbH

MEV Austria is the independent partner for all railways and logistics companies when it comes to efficient and reliable rail transport. We offer: Personnel services, Consulting services, Education etc
MEV Independent Railway Services Austria GmbH logo

UTL Umwelt- und Transportlogistik GmbH (U+TL)

With a workforce of around 50 employees, we now offer our services primarily in southern Germany, Switzerland and as far as Austria.
UTL Umwelt- und Transportlogistik GmbH (U+TL) logo

Rail4Captrain GmbH

Today the company specialises in providing train driver and wagon technician services for the entire Captrain Deutschland Group – throughout Germany and overseas.
Rail4Captrain GmbH logo

SPL EisenbahnVerkehr GmbH

THE SPL-EISENBAHNVERKEHR GMBH is a personnel service provider in the field of long-distance freight and local passenger transport. We provide nationwide very well trained specialist staff.
SPL EisenbahnVerkehr GmbH logo

RailActive GmbH

The main problem for many companies is a lack of skilled workers such as train drivers, vehicle inspectors and shunting attendants. We are the right option for you in these core businesses.
RailActive GmbH logo

ERS-Rail Service GmbH

Our qualified specialist staff includes, among others, train drivers / shunting attendants, wagon master G level 4, train drivers, logistics coordinators and a certified local operations manager.
ERS-Rail Service GmbH logo

Sendogan Bahndienste GmbH

We are active as a railway service company in the area of route safety for DB Fahrwegdienste. We are offering qualified and responsible staff in support of safety and quality management.
Sendogan Bahndienste GmbH logo

Lok-Spitze Bahnpersonal GmbH

Lok -spitze Bahnpersonal GmbH (LSB) is active in the field of personnel services and offers personnel support in the railway sector. The personnel leasing company based in Freilassing (Bavaria).
Lok-Spitze Bahnpersonal GmbH logo

UED Uckermärkische Eisenbahn Dienstleistungs GmbH

We would be happy to support you in your personnel planning and show you holistic solutions. As an EVU with an applied safety management system, we know how to meet the quality standards.
UED Uckermärkische Eisenbahn Dienstleistungs GmbH logo

Aeterno Rail Services BV

Aeterno focuses primarily on the deployment of personnel in rail freight transport and is active in the Netherlands and Germany.
Aeterno Rail Services BV logo

RBP - Rheinische Bahnpersonal- und Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH

Rheinische Bahnpersonal- und Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH is a young and modern railway company, especially for railway and transport companies. It defines itself differently in human resources and care than many existing personnel service providers.
RBP - Rheinische Bahnpersonal- und Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH logo

Certus-Rail Service GmbH

We are the right contact if you: are looking for train drivers or wagon inspectors in freight transport, possible in the field of temporary employment or service contract and wish to take over your open orders.
Certus-Rail Service GmbH logo

Feige Business Advisors GmbH

We are an owner-managed personnel consultancy with specialisation in the railway industry and the related transport sector. We are looking for qualified executives and experts for direct employment with our clients in Germany and abroad.
Feige Business Advisors GmbH logo

BSS Bahnservice Saarland GmbH

The company BSS Bahnservice Saarland GmbH has long ceased to be the regional service provider in the Saar area, but now offers all kinds of services relating to rail operations across the Germany.
BSS Bahnservice Saarland GmbH logo

Dinlok GmbH & Co. KG

The main focus of Dinlok GmbH & Co. KG is the provision of train drivers in passenger and freight transport throughout Germany.
Dinlok GmbH & Co. KG logo

Lok-Partner GmbH & Co.KG

We offer you train drivers within the framework of temporary employment for the diesel and electric locomotives.
Lok-Partner GmbH & Co.KG logo

Bahnpersonal24 GmbH & Co. KG

Bahnpersonal24 has many years of experience in the provision of personnel, in particular operating personnel for the railway sector.
Bahnpersonal24 GmbH & Co. KG logo

WSL Wagenmeister Service Lausitz GmbH

Our range of services includes wagon master services in the area of Saxony, Thuringia and southern Brandenburg. Our wagon masters have qualifications up to Z 7.
WSL Wagenmeister Service Lausitz GmbH logo

AmE Raillogistik GmbH

We, the AmE Raillogistik GmbH, have been realizing tailor-made service concepts for our customers in the area of "deployment of railway vehicle drivers and wagon masters" since 2002.
AmE Raillogistik GmbH logo

Flexx-Tf Dienstleistungen UG

Primarily, we offer the services of personnel in the following areas: Locomotive Drivers, Pilots, Train Drivers, Shunting Supervisors, Wagon Masters, Trainers & Examiners
Flexx-Tf Dienstleistungen UG logo

Lokomo GmbH

Lokomo GmbH has experienced traction vehicle personnel who can be deployed flexibly throughout Germany. Wagon inspectors or shunting personnel can also be used in cooperation with partner companies.
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