WRS Deutschland GmbH

We get your goods moving - flexible and tailored to your needs, we transport your material from A to B. Our trained train drivers, shunters and inspectors ensure that your goods reach the destination.

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671000 t

Transportet in 2020


Trains operated

We will arrange the transfer of your goods and material throughout Europe – flexible and tailored to your needs.

With green electricity, we are ahead of the times and reliably offer you single-wagons, wagon groups and block trains. In case of emergency, we can plan and implement short term Ad hoc system freight train completely across Europe in short term notice within 24 hours, just like regular freight train.

Our services:

Services EVU
  • driving of goods trains
Staff leasing
  • Locomotive drivers cat. A40 - B (modules P and G)
  • Class 3 train drivers (Germany)
  • Shunter Cat. Ai40 - Bi
  •  Inspectors
Locomotive hire
  • Diesel locomotives in the 200 - 1'000 kW power class
  • Electric locomotives in the power class 3'300 - 6'500 kW
  • maintaining of vehicles

With these advantages and a large selection of our own locomotives, freight wagons a reliable staff we provide transport of all kinds.